Front and rear parking sensors

Versatile parking assist consisting of 2 LED displays. The set is designed for installation in the front and the rear bumper. The system alerts the driver using the modern LED display to changing distance in relation to the obstacle. The graphical display is accompanied by an acoustic signal with a change of intensity in the range of 1.5m -0.3m. The practical Anti-hook feature allows the use of the KEETEC BS 800 LED in the vehicle with both tow bar and spare wheel located in the rear of the vehicle.

  • 2 LED displays for individual graphic display of the front and the rear of the vehicle
  • accoustic obstacle signalization
  • optional acoustic signalization turn off
  • adjustable sensor sensitivity
  • Anti-hook feature for adapting to permanent protrusion
  • option to change the characteristics of the unit for use in the front of the vehicle (1m-0,3m)
  • speed signal input for activation of the front parking assist