About KEETEC brand

Many years of experience of TSS Group have led our team to opt in 2008 to establish a private brand of products. Self-development, focusing on the highest quality, was the main idea for creating a brand with a strong name, which in the future will be a symbol of quality known on a pan-European scale. The result of this decision was the emergence of the KEETEC brand, exclusively owned by TSS Group a.s.

An endless amount of development work has gradually become apparent in creating a product line of car alarms, parking sensors, or seat heaters that meet not only the requirements of demanding customers, but also the conditions for awarding recognized Pan-European Certificates.

At present, there are more than 40 KEETEC products in the product portfolio.

One of the biggest advantages of the KEETEC products is the team of people who constantly monitor vehicle development and market needs, and the information we incorporate into the development of new, modern products exactly according to the needs of our customers. This makes it easy and fast to use the products of this brand, even in the latest vehicles.

In addition to the development of our own brand products, our development department is also intensively engaged in developing bespoke car alarms, CAN BUS solutions, GPS locators and other accessories for several renowned manufacturers from all over Europe.

The long-term vision of TSS Group is to provide its customers with comprehensive solutions, as well as being a stable and trustworthy partner in the field of security systems.

About TSS Group a.s. company

TSS Group was founded in 2002 with a focus on comprehensive solutions in the field of security of objects and vehicles. Subsequently, the product portfolios were enhanced with GPS monitoring. Through the established business policy of the TSS Group, it is clearly one of the most dynamic growth and development companies.

The most important strategic priorities of TSS Group is providing of comprehensive care, support for the quality service for its partners. Extensive portfolios of company marks, communication with skilled workers and the professional approach is among its main strengths. By combining personal access and signposts of major brands, individual divisions are ready to provide you with comprehensive professional solutions.