Keetec BLADE
The times when an "ordinary" car alarm could reliably protect the car from theft or break-in are over. Unfortunately, thieves and carjackers have adapted to the changing times and discovered weaknesses in the security of the latest vehicles. Especially keyless entry vehicles suffer from a very low level of protection. The solution is the additional authorization of the owner when unlocking or starting the vehicle.
Keetec BS 420 / BS 420 LCD
During the summer of 2021 we introduced the KEETEC BS 420, as the most universal parking assistant ever. The new product took the market research into consideration and brought the significant innovations, while the former intelligent features were retained, or improved even more.
In regard to the needs of the market, our team also paid attention to the development of a module for obtaining information about the distance traveled for use with TAXI vehicles, or for installing front parking sensors.