CAN bus interface

Universal CAN bus interface designed for reading and writing data to the CAN bus.

Keetec M CAN is an universal CAN bus module designed for reading and writing data to the CAN bus for vehicles with 12/24V power supply

  • 10 programmable wire inputs make it much easier to install additional devices such as car alarm, parking sensors, audio system or taximeter
  • more functions for reading information from CAN bus.
  • simple programming via Keetec Software, direct updating using the Micro USB connector (no additional programming equipment required)
  • optionally you can add an additional module RF SMART 4P to control the vehicle central locking by writing information to CAN bus or calibrating taximeter values

M CAN can be set up for a particular vehicle model. The vehicle database can be found in the list of supported vehicles.

M CAN outputs:

  • foot brake
  •  handbrake
  • clutch pedal
  • parking lights
  • low beam lights
  • high beam lights
  • doors contacts
  • bonnet
  • trunk
  • ignition
  • lock with original remote control
  • unlock with original remote control
  • rpm (the output is active above 500 rpm or can be programmed)
  • speed (the output is active up to 10 km/h or upon pulse)

M CAN inputs:

  • lock vehicle
  • unlock vehicle
  • unlock driver's door
  • roll-down windows
  • roll-up windows
  • opening trunk
  • hazard lights