car alarm

KEETEC Mistral MAX 2 combines the best features, quality and versatility of previous models of one way alarms Mistral MAX and Radix.
The Mistral MAX2 is made into small casing with one main connector. The alarm providing standard security as monitoring of doors, hood, shock sensor, additional sensor, ignition and security loop. When alarm is triggered the engine immobilization is activated by stat-kill output.
Alarm over previous models has the following extra features:

  • Pager output ( when alarm triggered, pager output is ON)
  • Security loop (allows to connect another guarded circuit, e.g. trailer)
  • Independent outputs AUX1 and AUX2 with an optional way of activation
  • Possibility to set up the siren noise level (when alarm ON / OFF)
  • Possibility to disable flashing direction indicators (when alarm ON / OFF)
  • Programming by PC!

The Mistral MAX2 comes with two different remote controllers with hopping code.