contactless immobilizer

The contactless immobilizer is designed for effective and quick blocking of the Start/Stop button or other low-current circuits of the most modern vehicles, thus reliably preventing the use of the vehicle by an unauthorized person.

User authorization is “contactless” through the elegant RC SMART 2 key fob with an innovative algorithm for maximum battery life (more than 3 years).

The kit includes an owner’s card with a unique PIN code for emergency deactivation of the system.


  • Zero consumption blocking relay
  • Contactless control
  • Supply voltage 12/24V
  • Possibility of blocking the start/stop button
  • Activation of service mode by button or remote control
  • External service button
  • Possibility of one-time emergency deactivation
  • Plastic card with a unique PIN code
  • Minimalist design of the control unit
  • Possibility to pair up to 10 remote controls
  • The possibility of blocking two circuits

Technical parameters

  • Supply voltage 12/24V
  • Current carrying capacity of the blocking relay 1A
  • Current consumption in active state 4.7mA
  • Dimensions of the control unit 14x20x67mm
  • Operating temperature of the device -40°C to +80°C

Package contents

  • Control unit
  • Remote control RC SMART 2
  • Plastic card of the owner
  • Valet button

Warning: Make sure to use maximum current load of the blocking relay 1A. Use additional devices to control larger current loads.