CAN bus car alarm

Keetec BLADE car alarm is suitable for vehicles with 12/24V circuits. The BLADE uses the genuine key to control the system either in modern vehicles with can-bus or in older vehicles via an analogue connection. The revised application for setting up the whole system will provide a simple and intuitive setting of the system before the assembly itself, with no need to use any additional devices.Software updates, diagrams and connection points nice and simply put in PDF files ready to be downloaded are of course an inseparable part of the newly revised application.

  • possibility of use in vehicles with 12/24V on-board voltage
  • direct connection with PC via micro USB cable
  • wizard for basic system settings (setting wizard)
  • VALIDATOR authorization function to increase the level of security
  • intuitive programming using KEETEC software
  • programmable inputs and outputs
  • preconfigured settings according to the selected vehicle
  • access to the connection points directly in the KEETEC software
  • possibility of connection via CAN BUS or analog inputs
  • silent/loud system activation
  • alarm memory
  • plug and play additional sensors
  • opening the trunk while armed
  • immobilization relay 12 VDC/20 A
  • emergency deactivation by PIN code
  • consumption of only 2 mA